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A Boy’s Summer

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A Boy’s Summer

A Boy’s Summer, Fathers and Sons Together (Illustrations and Inclusions by Tom Spence) (St. Martin’s Press, N.Y. 2000)

This book is for boys and their fathers, fathers who want again to be boys and boys who want to grow up like their fathers. This book is for boys who, with their fathers, will share those precious moments that create the stuff of a lifetime from which successful sons and, because of them, successful fathers are made. With 33 chapters of things to make and do together-make a kite, write a poem, build a tree house, weave a basket, make a garden and on through those wonderful long days of summer.

Spence says to boys: “Fathers are just boys with whiskers….this book is to help fathers to become successful fathers and to help you become a successful son.”

More: Ah, to be ten again, to be real as a new potato, as innocent as tulips, to wear no social mask disguising who we are, to be pure as fresh sap from the pine and curious as a pup, to be able to laugh because it feels good and to run whenever the delight of running demands. I say we should always be boys, that we should never grow up. Not really. Not in the heart. Not in our creativity, not in our love of life, our curiosity, our need to ask questions, to take risks and to forever remain open to new learning.

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