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Seven Simple Steps to Personal Freedom

Beloved author of, among many other books, the bestsellers How to Argue and Win Every Time and The Making of a Country Lawyer, Gerry Spence distills a lifetime of wisdom and observation about how we live… Continue reading

Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away with Murder

In Police State, the legendary “country lawyer” Gerry Spence reveals the unnerving truth of our criminal justice system. In his more than sixty years in the courtroom, Spence has never represented a person charged with a crime in which the police hadn’t themselves violated the law… Continue reading

The Lost Frontier

The Lost Frontier is a rich visual autobiography of Gerry Spence, one of this country’s most famous trial attorneys. It features a generous and dazzling collection of the author’s own paintings and photographs … Continue reading

Bloodthirsy Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power

These members of Team Hate are the new conservative mouthpieces for a power structure that’s selling us into a murky, dead world where people can no longer love, where God is money, where the earth is a commodity to be destroyed for profit… Continue reading

Win Your Case

Spence shares a lifetime of experience teaching you how to win in any arena – the courtroom, the boardroom, the sales call, the salary review, the town council meeting – every venue where a case is to be made against adversaries who oppose the justice you seek. Continue reading

The Smoking Gun

The true story of Spence’s epic defense of Sandy Jones in Oregon. The problem was that the prosecution had a photo taken at the time of the alleged murder with Sandy Jones holding her rifle and the smoke coming out the end of the barrel, the photo taken by the wife of the deceased at the time he was shot. Continue reading

Seven Steps to Personal Freedom

Spence, recognizes that we are, indeed, slaves to the New Master, the corporate and government monsters who own us and control us and make our democracy a mockery and our lives a subtle form of slavery. Everyone yearns for personal freedom, every boss, every worker, every CEO, every maid, every salesman, every lawyer, every Tom Dick and Harry wants to be free. Without freedom we are only high class slaves in a high class cotton field. So how do we get it? Spence has laid out seven simple steps to personal freedom Continue reading

Half Moon and Empty Stars

This is the story of twin brothers, half Arapaho, half white set in a small Wyoming town. Continue reading

Gerry Spence’s Wyoming

Here Spence shows us 110 elegant black and white photos of rarely seen Wyoming, his native state along with forty poems and a CD with Spence reading his poetry. The photographs are on a large coffee-table format done in duotone. The book is a breathtaking account of Spence’s magical eye as a photographer and his poetry the music of a searching soul in love with his place and his people of Wyoming. Continue reading

A Boy’s Summer

This book is for boys and their fathers, fathers who want again to be boys and boys who want to grow up like their fathers. This book is for boys who, with their fathers, will share those precious moments that create the stuff of a lifetime from which successful sons and, because of them, successful fathers are made. It offers thirty-three chapters of things for fathers and sons to make and do together–make a kite, write a poem, build a tree house, weave a basket, build a water drop microscope, and on through those wonderful long days of summer. Continue reading

Give Me Liberty

We have become the New American Slaves. Despite the democratic rhetoric we hear and believe, we have become enslaved. All of us are entapped by a complex web of corporate and governmental behemoths Spence calls the “New Slave Master” that today controls our airways, educates our children and manages every facet of our lives. And how do we become free? Spence tells us in a series of startling, courageous thought. Continue reading

The Making of a Country Law

“With the simple power of John Steinbeck, Gerry Spence now writes this painfully honest autobiograpy that reaveals how a country lawyer became one of the greatest trial lawyers of our time. ” Continue reading

How to Argue and Win Every Time

A New York Times best seller, translated and sold in twenty three foreign countries. This book has become a guide for every day living. Still it has become a text for law schools and universities on how to pursaude, how to get for yourself what you want. Continue reading

O.J.: The Last Word

The real inside story of the most famous murder case in American history. Spence solves the case and shows us where the trial went wrong. Continue reading

From Freedom to Slavery

From Freedom to Slavery is the chilling prophecy of one of America’s most original and fearless defenders of freedom, a book written with the passion of Thomas Paine. Spence says, “Although we give lip service to the notion of freedom, we know the government is no longer the servant of the people but has become the people’s master. We have stood by like timid sheep while the wolf killed–first the strays, then those on the outer edges of the flock, until at last the entire flock belonged to the wolf. Continue reading

With Justice for None

This is a passionate look at the American way of justice. Spence, who rose to fame in the Karen Silkwood case, delivers to Americans an urgent, provocative message: “That unless we are wealthy or powerful enough to buy it, we’ll rarely experience justice.” Continue reading

Trial by Fire

The True Story of a Woman’s Ordeal at the Hands of the Law,( Morrow, N.Y., l986.) Spence leads us into dark and exciting places in search of justice for a modern woman who claimed she was defamed by Penthouse magazine–behind the scenes, into the judge’s chambers, and into the very mind of the trial lawyer himself. Continue reading

Of Murder and Madness

Of Murder and Madness is the remarkable true story of a little-known Mexican-American from a remote Wyoming town who one day killed his white wife in a room full of witnesses-and it is attorney Gerry Spence’s own story as well, as he pleads his client, Joe Esquibel, “not guilty by reason of insanity.” Continue reading

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