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Give Me Liberty

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Give Me Liberty

Give Me Liberty!, Freeing Ourselves in the Twenty-First Century (St. Martin’s Press, N.Y. l998)

We have become the New American Slaves. Despite the democratic rhetoric we hear and believe, we have become enslaved. All of us are entrapped by a complex web of corporate and governmental behemoths he calls the “New Slave Master” that today controls our airways, educates our children and manages every facet of our lives.

Yet, far from being a pronouncement of gloom, Give Me Liberty! is an inspiring and visionary work. In the spirit of his best-selling How to Argue and Win Every Time, Spence expounds on his philosophy, thus empowering us to:

  • liberate the slave within
  • redefine success
  • unchain the spirit
  • escape the religions of work and beliefs that enslave us
  • free ourselves with what he calls our “magical weapon.”

However, we must use our know-how to free our nation as well. Spence offers a revolutionary agenda for freedom that replaces the decadent election process with the selection of our representatives by lot. Because a nation cannot be free without a voice, Spence prescribes the return of our airways. He shows us how we can graft a conscience on corporations and convert the corporate master to our servant. He shows us further how we can:

  • put an end to the corporate and governmental crime that plagues the nation
  • create new warriors for the people
  • replace a worn-out judiciary with a new, revitalized system of justice.

At last, Spence warns against the coming tyranny and, like Common Sense, Thomas Paine’s seedwork, Give Me Liberty! captures the underlying malaise of a country, transforming it into a national dialogue that promises a groundswell for a meaningful democracy in America in the coming years.

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