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The Smoking Gun

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The Smoking Gun

The true story of Spence’s epic defense of Sandy Jones in Oregon. The problem was that the prosecution had a photo taken at the time of the alleged murder with Sandy Jones holding her rifle and the smoke coming out the end of the barrel, the photo taken by the wife of the deceased at the time he was shot. The prosecution wanted Sandy Jones to plead guilty. They had her fifteen year old son charged with murder as well-put the son against the mother and vice versa. It was an open and shut murder case until Spence and his partner, Ed Moriarity came along. It is Spence’s belief that a lawyer is not a true trial lawyer unless he has a murder case to defend. He and his partner take on the Jones case pro bono. Then things changed. But, it seemed for the worst in a series of trials that take more than three years to complete.

This is a true murder mystery, a thriller that portrays the nearly helpless state in which most of the poor of America find themselves when they are confronted with the power of a cruel, and relentless justice system that has only one goal-to convict, whether the defendant in their sights is guilty or not.

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